Are you a measurer or a dumper?

I  spent some time on Saturday making yummy sweet body treats.  There is just something therapeutic about being in my work room, alone, creating something delicious.  The kids would holler at me from the other room every now and then and I would have to run out and tend to their needs, but I did get quite a bit accomplished.  And my workroom smells oh SOOO good! mmmmmm.

As I was making lotions and scrubs, I measured everything very carefully.  I am just that way, even when I cook or bake, I always meticulously measure every ingredient.  Just to be sure I make it correctly.  I follow the recipe exactly.  I want whatever I am making to be the same every single time I make it.  There is some kind of comfort in that for me.  I am a measurer.

My husband’s Grampie is a dumper.  He makes the most fabulous biscuits you have ever tasted, and when I asked him for the recipe he said, “Oh I just add a pinch of this, a handful of that and mix it around until it looks right”.  Now how is anyone (like me) supposed to make biscuits like Grampie does with that recipe??  But yet his biscuits are always perfect, every time, even though the recipe might not be exactly the same as how he made it the time before.

I took Rachel, my 16 yr. old, out to his house one evening and we had him measure all the ingredients so we could replicate his biscuit recipe.


(I would like to thank my mother-in-law for this picture.  I never remember to take pictures.  Notice the paper and pen on the counter for note taking!!)

Anyway,  even though Rachel and I follow his recipe exactly as written (because that is what we do as measurers), our biscuits taste good but they never seem to turn out quite as perfect as Grampie’s.

I guess it doesn’t really matter either way if you measure or if you dump as long as the end result is something yummy!

So… are you a measurer or a dumper??


The first time you do anything is always the hardest, right?

I hope this is true.  It took me quite awhile to create this blog today yesterday.  Finding the layout I liked, widgets, gravatars and links…whew!  I think I finally got it figured out.  And now, I sit here very late at night… ok, well early morning ish, trying to find the perfect words to say.  We will see.  haha!

Where to begin??

A little about me… I am a mom of 6 busy kids.  And yes, they are all mine!  A month or so ago I became the new owner of The Yum-Yum Shoppe.  I feel so very blessed to be the one to continue on a business my dear, sweet friend Talitha began back in 2001.  Learning 12 years worth of information in a month has been somewhat challenging, but oh how I enjoy creating yummy sweet body treats!!

In this blog I will be sharing adventures with my family, the crazy, fun times in my life and of course the yum!!  I hope you will come along on this journey with me!   I do not have perfect grammar, spelling or punctuation.  I am not a witty writer or good with words in any way.   I am just me.  And I am so glad that the first post is finished!

~Beth  🙂

… I just realized why I am up so late!  I drank a pepsi (diet cherry… don’t judge).  I should never have caffeine after dinner.