What were the odds?

Julia is my youngest child. She is 8 1/2 years old today. She is very active, strong willed, stubborn and sassy. But she still holds my hand in public, loves to cuddle, is so creative and can be super sweet… when she wants to be!

Julia has been wanting roller blades for weeks and weeks. Every day she would ask me to take her to the store to buy her roller blades. I kept thinking she would give up and forget about them. But she didn’t. Every day she would ask. Finally, I told her I was most definitely NOT buying her roller blades for full price at the store, they were too expensive. But I said I would take her to Good Will to look one day when we had time. Ok… I have to be honest here, I only told her that to appease her. I knew full well the odds of them having roller blades in her size at Good Will were slim to none, which was fine, she really didn’t NEED roller blades.

We had some free time after school supply shopping one day so Julia asked if we could go to Good Will. I reluctantly said yes. I told her not to get her hopes up, that they probably would not have roller blades and not to be upset if there weren’t any. She told me she was sure they would have them. We walked into the store, Julia was beaming with anticipation. She asked me where the roller blade section was. I told her to check by the shoes. Down the shoe aisle we went. All the way down the aisle. And there, at the very end, on the bottom shelf was one pair of roller blades… pink and grey… just about her size. I couldn’t believe it! What were the odds? She grabbed them and immediately sat down on the floor, threw off her shoes, put on the roller blades and… they fit! Best of all they looked almost brand new and only cost $6.99.

Julia's rollerblades!

She rolled up and down the aisle, thankfully there weren’t a lot of people in the store! I eventually got her to take them off, we took them up to the counter, paid and headed home. As soon as she got in the door she put on her new roller blades and bike helmet, and off she skated to the neighbor’s house.

Here she is at her friend’s house. Their garage is so clean. Mine does not look like that at all.
Julia and friend

Here she is walking our yorkie, Molly.
Julia and Molly

Although most of the walk looked like this:
Julia and Molly 2

Every day Julia skates around in her roller blades. That just might be the best $6.99 I have ever spent on that child! Our next investment will be knee and elbow pads. Maybe we need to make a trip back to Good Will! 😉


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