Typical Monday

Mondays are always more challenging than other days for some reason. I’m not sure why that is. Is it that way for everyone or just me?

I rolled out of bed this morning wishing I would have set my alarm for an earlier time. I guess I should be thankful my alarm even went off, I forgot to plug my phone into the charger last night! The three younger kids (Nate, Lydia and Julia) started getting up and ready for school. I told them to brush their hair and teeth. I packed my bag so I could shower at the gym after step class. (I don’t usually shower at the gym but I had to work at Fun and Games today and wouldn’t have time to go back home to shower.) Lydia helped me prepare lunches, including my own. I reminded the kids to brush hair and teeth. Told Julia to change clothes, she wasn’t wearing dress code. Reminded kids again to brush hair and teeth. Started loading everything/everyone into the van. Ran back in the house because Nate forgot his binder. Came back out, realized Julia wasn’t in the van, ran back in to get her. She didn’t have shoes on. I told her to grab some and put them on in the van. Although I think she carried Lydia’s shoes out and not her own. Oh well, at least she had shoes on her feet!

Finally we all made it into the van with our belongings. Everyone was buckled in and off we went, running behind schedule.  I looked back in the rearview mirror and realized that Julia had not brushed her hair.  Really??  I probably told her at least ten (thousand) times to brush it.  Hmmm…I sure hope she brushed her teeth. 

My friend called just as we were driving off, another frazzled mom trying to figure out the schedule for the day. While chatting with her I looked down to notice that our dog Molly was on my lap.  Why I didn’t notice this sooner, I just don’t know.  I asked the children, “Why is there a dog on my lap?”  Nate responded, “Oh, I put her there”.  UGH, NATE!  I turned around and took Molly back to the house.  Off we went again, running more behind schedule than before.

We pulled into the school, I dropped the kids off and headed to Body Boutique.  I love my gym.  It is all women.  I have made some great friends there. They have FABULOUS instructors and Sara, the 8:15am Monday and Friday step instructor, is one of my favorites!

After class I rushed to the shower room, I only had 30 minutes to get ready for work. I started getting my shower supplies organized. I had my towel, shampoo, conditioner, body wash… wait! I didn’t have body wash. *sigh* How could this be?  I make and sell body wash for The Yum-Yum Shoppe, for goodness sake.  Shampoo would have to do.  It cleans hair so surely it would work for body wash!  After showering as quickly as possible, I began laying out my clothes only to realize I forgot to pack the shoes I planned to wear for work!  Good grief. 

So here I sit at work in these shoes… 
blog shoes photo

Typical Monday.