Winter Hibernation

I can’t believe it is already February 8th.  Where did January go?  January always seems to be a hard month for me, I  want to stay the house and not leave.  I don’t know if it because December is such a busy month and I am exhausted, or if I feel some post-Christmas depression, or if it is just the fact that it’s so cold in January.  I hate getting out in the cold!  All I want to do is stay at home, keep warm, drink hot cocoa and eat unhealthy food.  I just want to hibernate!

So here is what I have been doing while in hibernation mode…


This is {supposed to be} a polka dot soap with soap frosting on top.  As you can see I obviously haven’t perfected this one yet, haha!  Not too bad for a first attempt, I guess.  Next time more polka dots, more of that bottom layer of soap and less fluffy soap on top.  It may not look pretty but it smells WONDERFUL!!  Champagne & Raspberries, super yummy!  I hope to make a better version of that soap up there and some other pretty, delicious smelling soaps to sell at events this Spring.  I am thinking about a layered birthday cake type looking soap with that fluffy soap frosting and sprinkles or glitter on top… or soap cupcakes!  What do you think?


These soap cake balls were so much fun to make!  My sister-in-law makes and sells real, edible cake balls so I thought I would make some out of soap!  With dark chocolate fragrance oil… they smell good enough to eat!  I hope to get my hands on a few real cake balls and take pictures of them with my soap cake balls to see how much they look alike.   Be sure to check instagram and Facebook  in the upcoming week for those pictures.  These soaps are not for sale on the website.  Maybe something to add next year for Valentine’s Day!


Conversation Heart Soaps!  Each soap is about 2 oz and they are packaged two for $5, for sale on the website.   They smell just like candy!  These were a little tricky at first.  See those little words on top?  They kept getting stuck in the mold instead of on the soap.  I had some great smelling heart soaps with missing letters!  After a couple more unsuccessful tries, I finally got it to work, whew!  I made some pink hearts with white words, too.   I am happy with how they turned out, so cute!

So that is what I have been up to while hibernating the last few weeks.  My family and friends love it when I take time to try new recipes, especially when the recipes don’t turn out quite perfect.  Maybe because I give the “mistakes” to them, haha!

Are there any products you would like to see added to the product line?  Or fragrances?  I love hearing your ideas!  You can post comments here or send an email to


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