Sidetracked much??

Anyone else have mornings like this…

I was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher when I remembered I needed to start a load of laundry.  So I threw some clothes from the hamper into the washer but didn’t have enough for a full load.  (I never do anything but a full load!)  I headed to my bedroom to get more laundry out of my closet hamper and when I passed through the living room I noticed two dirty dishes.  I picked them up and took them to the kitchen when I realized that I never finished loading the dishwasher.   As I started to rinse the dishes that were left in the living room,  I received a text, so I picked up my phone (yes, I dried my hands), read the text, got an email, read several more emails, checked facebook super fast, and got a pop up message that someone liked one of my instagram photos. (If you have instagram come follow me here: @shoptheyum.)  I then rembered it is Throwback Thursday!   #tbt  How fun!   I set down my phone and ran downstairs to look through some old photo albums to find a cute picture to post.  So many cute ones, how do I choose?   I looked through three or four albums, awwww, I  love looking at all the old pictures of my family.  I finally found one of my son, Nate, and nephew, Trey from 10 years ago.  That will work!  I took a picture of the picture on my phone, edited and cropped it on instaframe and posted it to instagram.  DONE!   Ok… so, now what was I doing??

An hour and a half later, pretty much all I have accomplished is posting a picture to instagram.  Oh and typing this blog post.  *sigh*  I am off to go load the dishwasher.