Soap, Soap, Soap

Over the last several months I have been making what is called “melt and pour” soaps.  You may have seen them on the website or on Facebook or even Instagram.  Cute Soapscicles, Bonbon soaps, Petit Fours, etc.  All of those soaps are made from a soap base that I melt, then add pretty colors, add fragrance and pour it into a mold.  This is a very safe way to make soap because there is no mixing of lye which is caustic and very dangerous.  I subscribe to several different blogs which share recipes for both melt and pour and what is called “cold process” (all handmade) soap.  I loved the look of those soaps and the idea of making soap from scratch. Although the “caustic lye” part kinda made me nervous.

Early on I began to watch countless hours of videos and read as much as I possibly could about cold process soap making.  It was intriguing.  I finally decided to go ahead and give it a try so I ordered a few extra supplies that I needed and when they arrived… I still spent my time watching more and more videos.  I stayed up to all hours of the night reading and learning.  Night after night after night. Week after week.  Finally I realized that I needed to stop reading about making soap and watching other people make soap and just MAKE SOAP!!

So I did.  My first batch was very scary.  I was anxious and nervous and excited all at the same time.  But I made it through and found that I REALLY enjoyed it!  I love trying different recipes and colorants and techniques.  Now all I think about is soap.  All I want to do all day is make soap.  I am a bit obsessed but so excited to have found a new passion that I can share with you all.

I still plan to keep some of the cute melt and pour soaps.  Those Soapscicles are one of my favorites!  But now I can offer some other options as well.  Don’t you love options?  There will be something for everyone!

I plan to make some natural fragrance free soaps, like this one with made with coconut oil,



soaps made with essential oils and natural colorants, (peppermint smells SO good!)



and soaps that are made with wonderful smelling fragrance oils and fun colors.

pink black white


Over the last couple weeks I have made several batches of cold process soap, each a different recipe.  In 4-6 weeks these soaps will be ready for use. Yes, we have to wait 4-6 weeks… being patient for the soap to cure is the hard part!  At that time I will need some “soap testers”.  People who will try a small chunk of each soap, answer some questions and give me an honest opinion on which ones they like best and why.  I have plenty of family members who would be willing to test them but I would like for some others to test them as well.  I need 8 men and/or women.  Are you interested?  If you are, go to my Facebook page here and comment under the post that shares this blog post!  The first 8 people to comment will have the opportunity to test all the soaps and get a bar of their favorite soap as a gift from me.  Can you help me out?


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