Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge- The Hanger Swirl

This is my very first Soapworks Challenge.  I have viewed numerous videos made by experienced soapermakers on YouTube who were participating in the past months’ challenges.  Even though I am a newbie soaper I decided to give it a try, just for fun!  The challenge for this month is the hanger swirl.

For this challenge I used Fresh Snow fragrance oil from Brambleberry.  It reminds me of fresh, crisp, clean laundry.  I think it is a fragrance that can be enjoyed year round, not just for the winter season.  I have used it once before and it doesn’t discolor or accelerate trace so that is why I chose to use it again.  For colorants I used Brambleberry’s Electric Bubble Gum to make a light and dark pink, Ultramarine Blue and Titanium Dioxide.  This is actually my second attempt at the hanger swirl.  I didn’t love how my first soap turned out.  Hanger swirl, take two!

If you would like to watch the video version click here.

Getting started…

Here is my hanger!  I bent it to the size of my mold and attached a small dowel rod to it with electrical tape.  This would not hold up for multiple uses.   Mine came untaped soon after using it just this one time.  I need to find a better tool for future hanger swirls.

photo 4


Pouring the dark pink in the mold.  Next a layer of light pink and white.

photo 5


Here is the blue layer.  Another light and dark pink layer went on top of that.

photo 1


And now for the swirl!!  I just went up and down throughout the mold one way, and then again up and down back the other way.  You could swirl in any direction.  Side to side, around in circles, figure eight, so many options!

photo 2


Topping with the white.  Oh my goodness, I am messy!!  Slopped it right off the side. The last bit of dark pink went down the middle.  I textured the top and sprinkled with glitter.

photo 3


And here it is!  I let it rest and harden for 24hrs.

photo 1


24hrs later, it is ready to cut with my NEW cutter!  Best tool EVER!  I love that it cuts each piece the same exact size.  No more hand cutting for me!  You can get a cutter like this one on Etsy here.

photo 2


Don’t you love how each piece is unique? Here are my favorites…

photo 4

photo 5


The last two pictures are below.  This soap will be ready for use in 6 weeks.  I can’t wait!  Thanks to Amy at Great Cakes Soapworks for such a fun challenge.  🙂




12 thoughts on “Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge- The Hanger Swirl

  1. Great job!! Love the colors you chose…it almost looks like WWW in your design – it’s high tech soap!! 🙂 Thank you so much for joining us – hope you’ll be back again next month!

    • Haha! It does look like WWW!! 🙂 I really enjoyed participating in the challenge and plan to join you again next month. I learn so much from your videos and by reading the blog posts and watching the videos of the other soapers. I have a lot to learn! Soapmaking is definitely my new found passion (addiction). 😉

  2. Wow! Your soap turned out beautifully!!! Love your choice of colors and scent (will have to try that FO, sounds pretty :)) Your pics are stunning too…great job & congrats on your first challenge!!!

  3. Love your soap colors, the swirl turned out so nicely. Had the same problem with electrical tape, then saw where someone used plastic drain line over the hanger. We tried it, got the 15/16″ drain line at Lowes (measured by the foot), it worked really well.

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