Great Cakes Soapworks Colorant Challenge

Time again for another Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge.  This month is a colorant challenge, which I have to admit was intimidating to me!  That is one thing I am trying to learn and perfect.  So this challenge was a perfect chance to work on this skill.

For fragrance I used Bramble Berry’s Rise and Shine, one of my many favorites!

I used Bramble Berry’s Tangerine Wow for the base color. The drop swirl is Fizzy Lemonade, Ultramarine Blue with titanium dioxide from Bramble Berry and Purple Vibrance Mica from Nurture Soap Supplies.



Now for the top:





Here it is cut!


All of my colors aren’t exactly how I wanted them to look.  Practice makes perfect.  I will keep working on it!!  🙂

**Sadly, my computer was having major issues and kept locking up and going very slow while I was trying to submit my soap to the challenge… so my soap was never entered.   I still enjoyed participating!  🙂


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